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Balt Yachts


Balt Yachts

Balt Yacht's own range of inland and coastal cruisers are now available exclusively in the United Kingdon from Bray Marine Sales Balt-Yacht have produced in excess of 17,000 boats and was founded in 1990 by its current owners who have a family history of boat building that dates back to the 1930's. The majority of Balt Yacht production around 95% has been for well-known international partners such as MAR-IMPORT, Jeanneau, X-Yachts, and more recently Brunswick Marine, Hydro Design AS and Goldfishboat AS.
To date more than 80 SunCamper 35's and over 100 818 Titanium's have been built, tried and tested covering thousands of kilometers across various canals, lakes and rivers throughout Europe confirming the practicality and user-friendly design we are delighted to introduce the brand to UK boaters.


Sun Camper 35

BALT 37 Grand

BALT 1018 Titanium

BALT 818 Titanium