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BALT 1018 Titanium

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BALT 1018 TITANIUM is a continuation of the TITANIUM series of yachts (Balt 818 Titanium is produced from 2013 and it has become the favourite of customers and the Yacht of the Year 2015 in Poland).


*: Outboard Engine Version

Beam: 3 m

Sleeps: 6

Min Draft: 0.49 m *

Fuel tank : 120-239 Litres *

Waste tank: 60 Litres

Water tank: 130-240 Litres

Category CE: C-6

Hull Length: 9.36 m

Berth / Crew: 3/6

Cabin Height: 1.97 m

Max Hull Length: 10.2 m

Outboard Engine max.: 60-90 KM

Height above Waterline: 3.30 m *

Weight withought Engine: 3620 kg

Inboard engine Diesel S-Drive: 45-57 KM