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rapida 666

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rapida 666

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The Rapida 666 is the compact pride of the Isloep design team. This elegant, modern tender, with its impressive style, has an excellent sun bed, adjustable bench and open stern. It has space for eight people to cruise and relax.

The Rapida has a light, but strong GRP hull and is propelled by a powerful Yanmar engine with maximum output of 57 hp (15 kts per hour) as standard. With its outstanding underwater hull shape, the Rapida 666 remains very comfortable even at high speeds.

The narrow bow, deep gunwales and flared bow provide excellent handling, which can even stand up to the open sea. The beauty of the versatile Rapida 666 goes further than its elegant lines, with its advanced performance and easy handling.

With its impressive style, sun bed, adjustable bench and open stern, it offers many ways to relax. The Rapida 666, the ultimate day boat for everyone!

All our models are also available with a reliable electric propulsion system. Enjoy the water completely silently!

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