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rapida 750

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rapida 750

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For a modern family, this sleek tender is not only sporty and fast, it also invites you to enjoy time on the water together with family and friends. The layout of the interior looks more like that of a tender with the large, comfortable bow seat. This lets everyone sit facing each other around the helmsman. The Rapida 750 has space for at least 12 people.

You don’t have to be a master mariner to handle this tender well. Its handling characteristics are excellent. With the updated underwater hull, the boat performs even better at high speed.

At low speed the quiet, reliable engine allows you to enjoy the surroundings. The Rapida 750 provides plenty of speed and comfort, even on rougher open water.

How about a refreshing dive into the water? It takes no effort at all from the teak-inlaid swim platform, which runs across the whole width of the boat. And if anyone wants to stretch out to enjoy the sun, the large sun deck is the perfect solution. The direction the sun deck faces can be changed with the reversible back rest, so you can always enjoy the sun in the optimum position.

All our models are also available with a reliable electric propulsion system. Enjoy the water completely silently!

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